Dude, I Got a Dell – And I Still Use My PowerBook

Dell Dude

Despite the brand new Dell under my desk, I’m typing this on my PowerBook. Why? I’m still faster on a Mac. I’m trying to like Windows, I really am and I’d heard lots of great things about Windows 7, but for the life of me, I can’t get it to work as well as a nine year-old Mac.

It’s not really a fair comparison. The Dell is a work computer, equipped with enterprise software and screams “business.” It has a fancy core i7 chip, lots of ram and tons of hard drive space. Spec wise, it blows my PowerBook (and my Mac Mini at home) out of the water. To compare them is laughable. But the Mac works so much better. Or does it?

I’ve had the PowerBook for almost nine years (December 2003, so we’re close) and it’s been around the world with me, in a Marware sleeve who’s zipper has long broken and the whole package tucked safely in my yellow Rackgear backpack. (If you ever need a high quality backpack with a laptop sleeve, I cannot recommend this bag enough. It was about a hundred bucks, but it’s lasted me so many years.) I’ve had the time to bond with the computer, I know all its sounds, from the faint crackle in the right speaker to the “click” it makes when I wake it up. Thanks to the SSD upgrade, I rarely hear the fan and know that it kicks in when the CPU his 63 degrees. Everything is configured how I like it. Or at least, it’s configured in a way that I’ve grown to accept.

Rackgear Backpack

It used to be a very bright canary yellow, but it’s completely faded. And yes, that’s a piece of Styrofoam that I slip between the keyboard and LCD when I close the lid.

I don’t have the same history with the Dell. It’s a fresh build, clean slate. But one that seems to hang on boot more frequently than I’d like from such a new computer. In the month I’ve had it, it’s happened five times. And the updates. How do companies get anything done when these damn things need daily (or hourly) updates?

My general rule of thumb is that you need six months with a new operating system to get comfortable with it. I’ve got five more to go.


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