Sitting on Hold for an Hour, Waiting on ICBC – And I Have to Pee

Baby Bunny

Sometimes you just need a picture of a baby bunny to calm you down…

I didn’t think it would take this long.  The early warning from the call system about a labour dispute should have been the first indication not to proceed, but I thought “How long could it be? 20 minutes? Bah.” We passed the 1 hour mark, and I have to go.

Do I hang-up and try again another day, or do I sweat it out (if only!)? At least my office has a speakerphone, so I can get other work done.  Too bad their instrumental music selection doesn’t jive with my iTunes.  Guess I’ll have to listen to Cher sing “Walking in Memphis” some other time.

ICBC is British Columbia’s one-stop-shop for driving permits and insurance.  It’s convenient and you don’t have to shop around for insurance quotes.  I like it, when it works.  The drawback, as I’m learning is that you’re stuck during a strike.  Then again, you’d be stuck in any state or province going through one.

And despite the elevator music and the 1+ hours on hold, it still miles ahead of Alberta’s system where documents have to be paid (yes, $9.00 for a damn printout) and completed within an arbitrary amount of time, except when they don’t have to be.  But that’s a story for another slow news day.


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I'm a writer-performer originally from Montreal, Canada where I performed stand-up and sketch comedy. These days I'm an Instructor in the New Media Department at the University of Lethbridge where I indulge in my fascination with creative media and technology. I've written and directed two web series and always seem to have a new project lined up. Busy is good.

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