New Screenwriter Update for Mac

Write Brothers have updated Screenwriter for Mac to version It includes the following:

– Recompiled for OS 10.8, with GateKeeper compatibility

– Improved reliability

– Fixed several circumstances that would result in a crash (namely: closing Character Name pop-up after an undo, typing words that are more than 50 characters long, sending an RTF Email)

It looks like a pretty decent update, but it still doesn’t address features that won’t work in Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) like Compare Documents, Name Bank, Thesaurus and Avid Export formats, or support for the Retina Display. They’re supposedly coming in a future automatic (hopefully not paid) update. Until they fix that, I think my Mac Mini’s gonna stay on Snow Leopard…

You can get the update here.



About Ryan

I'm a writer-performer originally from Montreal, Canada where I performed stand-up and sketch comedy. These days I'm an Instructor in the New Media Department at the University of Lethbridge where I indulge in my fascination with creative media and technology. I've written and directed two web series and always seem to have a new project lined up. Busy is good.

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