The Gift for Any Trekie Brood

Star Trek Book of Opposites

Are you a Star Trek nerd who beat the odds and managed to reproduce? Need a baby book that’s as much for you as your kid? Well then…

I love Star Trek, especially The Original Series (TOS). As my friends (and wife) can attest to, William Shatner is a personal hero. So it’s more than a little surprising that I didn’t discover this board book for little tykes. It was my wife and daughter while at the library.Star Trek Book of Opposites” aims to teach toddlers the difference between hot and cold, near and far, big and small. Using stills from the original series, it sounds like the greatest idea in the world. I mean, who wouldn’t want to foster a love an appreciation for: science fiction, William Shatner and the 60s? It’s like bonding with your kid over hockey, or wrestling, or crazy glue.


Calm and Surprised

I want that photo of Kirk on my wall…

There are some fun photos, but my overall impression is that the book is more for the parent’s amusement than a tool for teaching young ones.

Happy vs. Angry

The most forced “happy” expressions I’ve ever seen…

Many of the photos are campy, seemingly designed for (our) fun more than anything. One spread in particular was a little troubling:

Mean and Nice

Was the salt sucking monster really mean?

I remember the episode with the salt sucking monster. It wasn’t mean, just hungry. My worry is it teaches kids to be fearful of something that looks a little scary or creepy or different. Weren’t we taught in school to never read a book by its cover?

For pure comic hilarity, “Star Trek Book of Opposites” is definitely worth the ten bucks. As a teaching tool? I’d stick with Thomas the Tank Engine.



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I'm a writer-performer originally from Montreal, Canada where I performed stand-up and sketch comedy. These days I'm an Instructor in the New Media Department at the University of Lethbridge where I indulge in my fascination with creative media and technology. I've written and directed two web series and always seem to have a new project lined up. Busy is good.

3 responses to “The Gift for Any Trekie Brood”

  1. Redhead says :

    what a brilliant find!! My sister is expecting her first child in a few months, and she and I grew up watching TOS reruns, and her husband is a fan too.

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