It’s Alive! (mostly)

The MacBook Air Lives!

The MacBook Air Lives!

I’m practically jumping for joy. If you read my previous post on the MacBook Air I bought off Kijiji, I’d left things at a quasi cliff-hanger. Well, I put it all back together, pressed the power button and… nothing.

Not an unexpected result for a computer that took a drink of water (pro tip: don’t give your computer a drink, no matter how much it begs), and sensible folk would have cut their losses and put the thing on eBay with an “As-Is” disclaimer. But I wanted to see this through to the bitter (and potentially costly) end.

The MacBook Air with its new topcase. The PowerBook observes from afar...

The MacBook Air with its new topcase. The PowerBook observes from afar…

Since I’d cleaned the logic board pretty well and it had weeks to dry, I reckoned the keyboard (where the power button is located) must have shorted out. Or the logic board was fried. Or both. The keyboard is riveted to the computer’s topcase, and those parts are about $100+ used. A used logic board is about $250+. I bought a topcase.


The topcase holds the keyboard, trackpad and speakers. Most vendors part it all out but I got lucky with this one. See that cable on the trackpad? It sells for $30 on eBay. Seriously.

I’d managed to find one with a trackpad, speakers and all the connectors for $140 all-in and it was in much better shape than the old one. After taking the computer apart (again), I put it all back together and pressed the power button.


My heart sank. I’d just compounded my $200 gamble by another $150. I attached the power adapter and tried again. A few seconds later, the familiar Apple chime. It lives! It boots! The SSD works! The battery doesn’t!

Yep, it looks like everything but the battery works. My hope is that it’s a dead battery and not the connector on the logic board. As luck would have it, there was a last-minute sale for a used battery so I’ll see what happens.

MacBook Air Parts

When taking apart any computer or piece of technology, it pays to keep it all organized.



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