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Rebuilding an iPod Touch

Broken iPod Touch

My wife’s iPod AFTER I fixed it…

Shattered. Completely shattered.

I stood over the pieces of my wife’s iPod Touch, my face distorted into a mocking glare in its reflective back. What I had assumed to be a relatively straightforward affair – Remove broken display / replace with new one – turned into nearly four hours of agonizing futility and ended in complete failure. Read More…


Ryan Reviews “Enthiran”

Ryan Reviews “Enthiran”


My review of Shankar’s big-budget sci-fi action flick, “Enthiran” is up on The Coastal Spectator. Check it out.

Technology Defining Us

My PowerBook G4, circa December 2003.

I recently applied to teach a class about technology and society. In my cover letter, I argued we shouldn’t let technology define who we are. And two days later I start a blog called This Old PowerBook. Do as I say, not as I do. Read More…